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Furniture for Children and Toddlers: Functional Gifts at Great Prices

Furniture for Children and Toddlers: Functional Gifts at Great Prices 
Furniture for children and toddlers need not be simple copies of adults’ furniture, but attractive items that your child will love and want to use constantly. At RonJuneShop you will find a fantastic array of furniture that has been designed specifically for children and toddlers, and that are not only fun to use but are also educational.

Kids’ furniture should be functional and be useful to them. It should have working cupboards and drawers, and even themed if your child has a specific interest. Take sports for instance. You can get your child a table and four chairs in a number of different sports themes that they can use with their friends. These are real and strong, and good enough to eat from, or can be used for a party. In fact, kids table and chairs sets are available in lots of different design options such as a number of animal themes, a circus theme or even a dinosaur table and chair set. The range is massive and at very attractive prices.

RonJuneShop offer a wide range of children’s furniture in lots of beautiful bright colors that children love, and also a range of tables and chairs for themed rooms that help them play out their pretend games. It is helpful for children in their development to have tables and chairs decorated with animals that they can identify, or even with the sports in which they are interested.

We can offer tables and chairs for little princesses or even little princes that have a little box in the table that plays music, and has space for the crown jewels or any other secret items. Alternatively, if your kids are younger our rectangular table comes with two benches that have solid sides and backs so that they cannot easily fall off. It also comes with a storage bin fitted with castors that rolls under the table. Great for all those small toys that seem to be all over the floor most of the time.

We can also offer a large range of individual chairs for children. There are a number of kids chars with shaped backs suitable for themed rooms, including butterflies and other bugs, flowers, animals and trucks and many others. The range is vast. Alternatively, we can offer director’s chairs, rockers and even an upholstered rocker that looks exceptionally comfortable for a small child. If you prefer, we can offer a couch that sits two, ideal for quiet time and reading – if there ever is such a thing as quiet time with two children together!

SoHo kids chairs are popular that look just like mum and dad’s, covered in tough vinyl that is very easy to clean. They have a drawer under the chair and look great in any child’s room. Although chairs by themselves are fine, tables are where most of the work gets done, and we have range of tables any one of which any child would be delighted to own. The arts and crafts kids table has been specifically designed for all these fiddly jobs, and has two handy storage drawers. Like all of our tables, it is very sturdily made, and able to withstand even the roughest of treatment. We all know what children are like, but they would struggle to damage these.

We can also offer white tables to go with many of the individual chairs we offer. These are hand painted, and many are also themed to suit the theme of our range of themed chairs. These kids tables would suit a set of four chairs, each with different themes to provide some variety. You can mix and match to suit yourself, or meet the wishes of your child.

For tea time we offer a tea table and four chairs with sturdy backs, in four different colors. These are all easily cleaned and are very strong, and your kids can decide what colors they want to choose. Each of the chairs can be in a different color – one for each child perhaps!

Tables and chairs are important to children, since they are likely the first adult like thing they will own. They will feel grown up sitting in their own chair at their own table, and will be able to use them for homework and play. In fact, play is very important to a child’s development and choosing the best table or chair theme can be important. It is frequently difficult to make the right choice but RonJuneShop offers you an incredible wide choice of different sizes, colors, designs and themes to make it easier for you to make the perfect choice for yourself and your child.

Within the pages of our website, you will find lots of lovely and beautiful children’s furniture, and a range of kids tables and chairs that is sure to have just what you are looking for.