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Get Down And Playful!

Get Down And Playful! 
Children are playful creatures. They like getting down and dirty and rolling all around. Consider giving your kids colorful rugs to keep up their interest. These items can have patterns that match your kidsí bedroom motifs. They are a great alternative to expensive paints and patterned wallpaper. Even in a plain room, these educational rugs instantly stand out and add vibrant color to your childís world.

This kidsí activity carpet has an educational theme. Replete with letters and numbers, the pattern will stimulate your childís learning and memory, even while playing! It is made of nylon so it is durable and very easy to clean. You have probably seen similar carpets at the doctorís office or at your local nursery.

Want your kids to be learning Spanish? Consider the Amigos Bilingual Kids Spanish Educational Rug. These have the usual numbers and letters in Spanish and English. It is a bilingual rug! Amigos utilizes Denistech technology, Force Five, Stain Shield, and Microgard. It meets or exceeds Class One fire ratings.

The Floors That Teach Kids Educational Rug is a long-wearing commercial childís carpet. Numbers and letters are represented. This helps a childís letter and number recognition, color recognition, visual discrimination, phonics rules, and math ability. An optional component kit has four bean bags, flash cards, a spin board, 26 letters, 10 numbers, and instructions for the games.

The Places-To-Go Big City Kids Educational Rug shows an entire metropolis. There are roads, buildings, traffic signals, a lake, and much more. Your children will learn about city life, fire stations, hospitals, libraries, and traffic rules, among other things. Included is a teaching manual to help your kids learn all this information.

How about the Sea Hunt Kids Educational Round Rug? The alphabet is hidden in the ocean and your kids will have fun learning to search for letters. Take a trip to the sea with this new rug. Made in brilliant primary colors, children will have an enjoyable time while learning their ABCs.

This Super Circle Kids Educational Round Rug is great for story time in the classroom. There is a complete alphabet, along with visual images to associate each letter with a sound. The numerals 1-9 are located in the center to provide texture. A large ring in the middle promotes centrality for learning exercises. Bright primary colors help to keep the childís interest.

A unique thing to learn is sign language. The Hands That Teach Kids Educational Roung Rug introduces kids to it in a fun and exciting way. There are 26 letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers, 1-10. The bold hand images are easy to understand and follow. Itís also a round rug, so you can have the kids sit around it and interact.

Time for the Roman Time Kids Educational Rug. This rug helps kids learn Roman numerals. It has the complete alphabet in both upper and lower case. There is a large clock in the middle with clock arms included. This will give kids a leg up on learning how to read time. Roman numerals are 1-20, 30, 50, and 100. And it has a lifetime warranty to boot!

Indeed, a childís activity carpet is not only decorative, but educational too. Itís every parents dream. Now thatís what you call a double whammy!