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Pedal Car/Pedal Planes-Gifts That'll Give Children More Than Just Fun

Pedal Car/Pedal Planes-Gifts That'll Give Children More Than Just Fun 
Toddlers have boundless energy and have all the time for play. Why not give them that super extra fun - riding around with their own little pedal car / pedal planes. They can have that exercise to tone young limbs and improve their bodily coordination. Plus, they'll be fast thinkers while having the time of their lives.

Calling All Moms with Budding Nascar Racers and Little Princesses

Is your bundle of joy racing around the house roaring like those racers he sees on TV? He needs a replica of the real thing. Give him a gift that will fill his days with sporty fun. Our collection of pedal car / pedal planes has what it takes to make your little one safe and happy.

We also have other quality and well-designed selections for children if you're also looking to accessorize their bedrooms. Gaily colored toy box / toy storage will add that splash of lively colors to your child's bedroom.

You can choose the toy box that brings the excitement of the circus to the bedroom or a pink princess toy box for the little miss who wants everything in her room dainty pink.

Pedal Cars/Pedal Planes for The Little Rides

The perfect little rides come in different replicas of the real thing. You can have at your fingertips 49 choices for pedal cars to fit your budget. You'll love the different miniature rides ranging from flashy red racers, classic car models, fiery red firetrucks, police cars, trucks, and bumper cars.

Add a gas pump to the purchase. It'll take the fun to a higher level when your kids can alternate between being the racer and the gas pump boy.

If it's a pedal plane that makes a child's Christmas merrier, we have just the perfect collection from the famous Pursuit and the Shark Attack pedal planes by Airflow Collectibles. These to-die-for toys come in red and silver.

If it's raining outside, not to worry. Your child can have his fun indoors. Just attach the rocker at the bottom of the Airflow Collectibles pedal car or plane. This is also the best ride for children still developing their motor skills.

Little girls will adore the Harriet pedal car, jalopy pedal, and antique pedal car - all in pretty pink colors. Let them choose their ride and you can make the right choice from an assortment of makes and colors.

Our Assurance for Quality and Safety

All our pedal toy products are toy safety tested and approved for the USA. These use non-slip pedals, with optional padded and snapped seat. Metal construction feature custom graphics and automotive powder coat lead-free paint. Tires are of high traction rubber.

Some of the pedal toys need some assembly, but these are easy to do following our parent-friendly manuals. For these pedal collections, you can add a rocker for the younger one or for those rainy days when the child have to play indoors.

Orders are shipped free. With great discounts on all items, why linger on the choice of great children's gifts this Christmas?