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Keeping Safe with Kids Pedal Cars and Pedal Planes

Keeping Safe with Kids Pedal Cars and Pedal Planes 
Kids Pedal cars and pedal planes offer some of the greatest childhood memories. Most children have some sort of riding toy and pedal cars and pedal planes seem to be one of the most popular. Children love to pretend they are driving or flying. They feel like a big kid and once they learn how to drive it themselves they get a sense of achievement that is unique. It is also a great way for a child to get exercise in a fun manner that they will beg to do. One thing, though, about these toys is parents must teach children how to use them safely so the fun is not ruined.

Parents need to introduce a ride on toy in a fin manner but also let their child know that being safe is also important. Pedal cars and pedal planes are so much fun that children can get distracted. They can forget that falling off a moving object can cause injury. Just as with other moving toys, like bicycles, a child should wear a helmet. Head injuries can occur with even the smallest fall so keeping their heads protected is very important. A child should also be taught to watch for traffic and to ride in only designated areas. Cars may not see them and they certainly cannot out ride a car. Children should also be taught the proper way to use the toy. They should be reminded that they need to wear shoes when riding so they do not injure their feet. They should also be reminded that pushing others is not safe and could result in an injury. By explaining the safety rules before letting the child ever ride the pedal car or plane, a parent can avoid injuries or accidents.

Pedal cars and pedal planes can be a source of great fun, but if children do not know how to keep safe their fun could be ruined. Explaining and enforcing safety rules is a parents responsibility. It is very easy for children to forget safety once they get wrapped up in playing, but being constant with the rules will help to make them routine.