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Quality Lumber for Construction

Quality Lumber for Construction 
At Gorilla Playsets™, we use only the finest hand selected lumber available. Whether you choose a playset made from our Premium Preserved Pine, or our Beautiful California Redwood and Western Red Cedar, you can be assured that our lumber is strong, durable, and conforms to the national standards for use in children’s play equipment. It’s this quality that allows us to offer a 10 year warranty on the lumber used in our play sets.

Premium Preserved Pine

Our Premium Preserved Pine is double kiln dried. We utilize this process to minimize shrinkage, warping, and cupping. Because our pine has been “preshrunk”, the hardware used to assemble your playset will hold tight, stay tight, and won’t loosen or weaken. Our Preserved Pine is clean, odorless, non-staining, and non-irritating to humans, animals, or plants. Gorilla’s ™ Preserved Pine uses one of the only exterior wood preservation systems that is EPA approved. Our pine lumber is preserved with a preservative system containing copper and quaternary compounds to protect against termite attack and fungal decay. Our Premium Preserved Pine can withstand harsh weather conditions and is effective for decades, Making Gorilla Playsets the best choice in pine lumber built swing sets.

California Redwood and Western Red Cedar

Our Beautiful California Redwood and Western Red Cedar play sets are a natural alternative to preserved lumber. California Redwood naturally resists decay caused by the environment or by insect infestation while Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for purposes where an attractive appearance and resistance to weather is important. All California Redwood and Western Red Cedar Gorilla Playsets receive a factory stain and sealant process. To maintain this aesthetic appeal, it is recommended that you seal your redwood and cedar play set once per year.

Western Red Cedar and Asian Fir Roofs

Outstanding beauty and naturally durable, Western Red Cedar has one of the longest life pans of any North American softwood. Highly durable and resistant to rot and infestation, Asian Fir is quickly becoming a natural choice for applications where a stable barrier against the elements is needed. Gorilla Playsets is committed to using only the best woods available for its wood roofs. Our tongue and groove roof system features an interlocking design that not only makes installation a breeze, but also assures that your roof maintains a uniform appearance while keeping the elements out. It's these characteristics combined with a factory stain and sealant process that makes Gorilla Playsets wood roofs simply the best looking, most durable wood roofs available.

Maintenance-Free Poly Coated Wooden Beams

Many of our Gorilla Playsets™ use maintenance-free poly coated wooden beams for a splinter-free and weather resistant finish. These lumber components are treated against termites and dry rot, and then they are coated and sealed permanently. The treatment does not contain any heavy metals or arsenic, is environmentally safe, and harmless to humans and pets. The coating process is a copolymer polyethylene that has superior Ultraviolet (UV) stabilization properties and will not yellow, split, chip, crack, peel, or blister in any climate.