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Toy Pianos Help Children Develop: Musically and Educationally

Toy Pianos Help Children Develop: Musically and Educationally 
Toy pianos are ideal in aiding the development of children since they provide exercise in the hand to eye coordination needed for the development of writing skills and success in many sports. However, that is not the only benefit because the very act of playing in front of others develops social skills and the ability to face an audience and perform.

The development of such confidence in a child from an early age is of tremendous benefit to that childís future, and the motor skills that are developed by a child trying to repeat the same note combinations on a piano keyboard accelerate their manipulative abilities and the development of an understanding of the consistency of cause and effect: that is, they always get the same notes when they hit the same keys. It sounds basic, but it is a learned ability.

Not only is that relevant in musical terms, but also in terms of developing presentational skills and being used to standing in front of others. Although all of this might seem somewhat overstated, it is generally accepted by educationalists to be true. So give your children the best possible start in life with a beautifully crafted toy piano by Schoenhut.

These kids sized pianos are, in fact, not toys, but real musical instruments suitable for pre-school toddlers upwards. The beautiful and accurate tones are individually and expertly tuned, and created by the action of small hammers on precision engineered steel rods. The 18-key starter piano is a beautiful instrument that is a genuine mini piano and not a toy. The pitch is faithful every time the key is struck, an important feature not often found in pianos of this size, and that is important in instilling confidence in a young child that the same note will be achieved every time a specific key is struck.

The next model up is the 25-key 2 octave model that provides more options to the child as he or she develops. Every key on each Schoenhut childís piano is the same width as those on a full sized adult piano, so that the correct finger stretch is required by the child right from the beginning. This helps children to learn without any hiccups as they move upwards in piano size.

Every toy piano model also comes with Schoenhutís patented Learning System that works using a colored strip that fits behind the keys. Because of this coincidence of key width between the childís and the adultís pianos, the system can also be used on mom and dadís piano. That can be very heartening for a small child to realize that their piano is just like a grown upís. There is also a song book with songs and tunes very familiar to most children.

The whole system is designed to instil confidence in the child, while teaching them that they are playing on a real piano and not a toy. To a child, the fact that they get the same note each time they hit the same key is very reassuring, and they will feel confident of trying to make up their own tunes, knowing that what they get today, they will also get tomorrow from the same keys.

Of course, they will not always be happy with a table top model, and at some time will want a piano just like yours. Well, they can have it, but in a smaller version of course, just right for small people. There are a number of 25-key 2 octave models available that are free standing and even have their own small piano stool. All of these are fully functional piano and stool sets and your children will love them.

Once they get a little bit older, or just more proficient, then they could graduate to the 30-key 2.5 octave baby grand or even the 37-key 3 octave spinet that is the ultimate for the small child. These instruments are the real McCoy, finely hand tuned and with consistency in note and tuning from model to model. In fact, the Daycare Durable Spinet piano by Schoenhut was the Winner of Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2004. This 37 key piano is not only ideal for the young child that shows genuine musical ability, but is also robust enough for a childís day care center.

So give your child the best start in life, and bring out any innate musical ability that he or she has. A childís musical ability is frequently found too late, and not only will a Schoenhut childís toy piano find that out, but will also provide excellent training and development of the essential skills required by any developing child, musical or not.