Waiting Room Toys- Funhouse Faces Giggle Wall Mirror, 3 Sizes, Made in USA



The Funhouse Faces Giggle Wall Mirror turn any waiting or kids play area into a house of fun mirrors. These mirrors offer maintenance free, worry free fun with its non-breakable surface. Easily mounts to any wall with super strong drywall fasteners that are included. * Teflon coated surface is scratch resistant and stands up to industrial grade disinfectant spray cleaners
* Tough acrylic mirror will endure years of constant commercial use
* Mounted in a sturdy,durable melamine frame
* Available in speckletone frame with red trim
* For children all ages 3 months+ Choose from: Funhouse Faces Wall Mirror :
23"H x 12"W x 4"D 14lbs, it's shown in the picture of boy. Medium Funhouse Faces Giant Giggle Wall Mirror:
a larger version of the giggle mirror, with a double curve,
33"H x 16"W x 4"D 21bs, it's shown in the picture of a girl. Large Super Wide Funhouse Faces Wall Mirror
Giggles galore-2 kids wide-with this large fun house mirror,
33"H x 23"W x 4"D 24bs, it's shown in the main picture of two kids. Two year manufacturer's warranty, made in the USA!

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