Big Bobby Car Classic Red

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Big Bobby Car Classic Red - This European award-winning push-powered vehicle is perfect for children ages one-year and up.Over six million Bobby Cars have been sold worldwide making it the world�s best selling toy car. What makes these toys so popular is the large steering wheel, comfortable seat and smooth wheel motion.
  • The Big Bobby Car Classic Red will turn your driveway into the Autobahn.
  • The functional steering makes kids feel like grown-ups as they drive their cars around the neighborhood.
  • The Big Bobby Car Classic Red is made of durable plastic that will last year after year and child after child.
  • Extremely restistant to breakage and capable of carrying a load of 220 lbs. Extensively tested by the German TUV: a stringent, independent consumer testing agency.
  • This Big Bobby Car Classic Red is shipped fully assembled. Specs:
  • Recommended for children age: 1-3
  • Product dimensions: 58x30x38 cm
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